Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Time to Celebrate!

What a beautiful couple!
Soooo precious!!!!
Ben with the "ladies"!
Caleb with Cameron's neice, Adelaine. They were the miniature bride and groom. Someone overheard Caleb tell Adelaine,"We have to hold hands. Isn't that embarrassing?" They must not of minded too much---they held hands most of the evening!
Grandma Sarah and Baby Levi
Jessica Holden and Sandra Holden Hatfield and Emily. They were all in the wedding.
Grammy with her great grandbaby, Levi Hatfield. We were all together for Janae Boardman's wedding to Cameron Wellbaum on the 12th of July.
Phil and Lisa's youngest son, Addison. Isn't he adorable?
I really enjoyed spending time with my sister-in-law, Lisa, at camp this year. She and Phil were able to be there for the whole week. Phil was faithfully at our camper every morning for his cup of coffee. We had a wonderful time being together!

Fishing with Friends!

When the going gets tough, the girls go fishing!
Andrea Truitt and her daddy, Troy.
Zach loves to fish----in fact, he's at the creek right now catching crawdads!

Good job, Caleb!