Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boardman Follies

Well leave it to Ben to keep our household interesting. He decided to make his own variation of a Dagwood sandwich. After pleading for permission to try out his culinary creativity, I conceded. The conditions being that whatever he created, he had to eat. Here's a list of ingredients: bread, mayo, mustard, grape jam, bologna, cheese, corn flakes, saltines, pretzels, ranch dressing, and topped off with a little salsa. He managed about four bites and the dogs handled the rest. It was quite the entertaining lunch hour, let me tell you! I'm trying to learn the great parenting lesson that it's not just trying to get to the destination, it's all about enjoying the ride. Now I need to go and clean up the kitchen!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

It's a wonderful day to be alive!

It's a gorgeous fall day with a nip in the air! I start thinking about pumpkin pies, pulling out my long-awaited Christmas CD's(I try to hold off until Nov.), holiday visits from family, losing weight so that I can enjoy holiday feasts with a little growing room-smile-, Apple scented Glade Plug-ins, and all-around thankfulness for the goodness of a merciful Heavenly Father. It truly is a great day to be alive!
Yesterday, we were able to have Andrea Truitt over for a play-day with Emily. She has been so secluded with her blood counts being too low for much interaction with the outside world. The girls have missed each other dreadfully! They played outside for hours and then came in to play house. It is so much fun to listen to their conversations. They are truly "heart sisters". I have to say, Emily is a little jealous that Andrea is getting a new baby at her house. There is the promise that Andrea will bring the baby over and share with Em. Thanks Jenn, you got me off the hook!