Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Week in the Life of the Boardmans

We attended Patti's wedding shower last night. It was a lot of fun! We had a delicious salad supper and a lot of good fellowship! Congratulations, Patti.
Sweet sisters---Penny Jones, Patti Mahan, and Jennifer Truitt
Lauren and Alex Truitt
It was our pleasure to entertain our niece, Sandra and her husband Zane for the weekend. Of course, Baby Levi was the icing on the cake!!! Can you believe I'm a great-aunt? Sandra was only three when we got married!
I really enjoyed spoiling Levi. He is so pleasant and easygoing!
Hey mom, can I get a little help here! It seems Cousin Emily is a little mixed up.
I just love this picture!
Here's the results of our warm cinnamon roll incentive at Sunday School. As you can tell, Pastor Troy is full of good ideas. His vision and passion for these kids is so contagious!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Camping is not for cowards! (especially if you're taking 10 kids!)

Well, another first has been added to our list of experiences--camping with ten kids. We took five of the six Truitt kids with us for an overnight trip to Sam A. Baker State Park. We had a blast! Other than discovering we had only brought three tent poles for two tents, it went off pretty well. I guess next time I'll have to double check the kid's packing endeavors. Thank goodness for the camper!
On Saturday, Dave took the boys and Lauren on a three hour canoe trip. Emily, Andrea, and I played in the water for a while and then we just relaxed at the campsite. It's amazing how easily kids are entertained in the great outdoors!
Troy and Jenn were able to spend some time away to celebrate their anniversary and we were able to grow in patience, gentleness, parenting skills, tent building skills, and the list goes on.......
Aren't Troy and Jenn just the greatest friends a person could have??? BIG SMILE!!!!! Actually, it was a privilege. We love their kids just like our own!
We really love you kids, but did you have to wake us up at 7:00 a.m.?
The best part of waking up, is Dave holding his coffee cup!(with apologies to Folgers)
A little rise-and-shine music. Thanks, Josh!
Lauren is definitely NOT ready for the day!
What more do you need?........warm sunshine and a clear Missouri river.

Me and my "Chunkers"!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Patrick Henry Hughes

I am so excited! Tonight we're going to hear the inspirational story of Patrick Hughes, a boy who is blind and crippled from birth. As a toddler, it was discovered that he had an exceptional talent for music. Today, he is an accomplished musician. He's a junior at University of Louisville where he plays the trumpet in the marching band. His dad attends every practice and every game so that he can push Patrick in his wheelchair. It is truly a story of dedication and inspiration. If you would like to see an interview with them, click on the link below.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family Reunion

Last weekend, my mom and I took the three youngest kids and headed for northern Ohio. We hadn't been to the Throne reunion in six years. We ended up packing so many events into four days, that I felt a little numb by the time I got home. Grandma Throne's house was nice and roomy. The kids monopolized the hot tub, which was a good thing. (Great babysitter!) We took my Mom out for Chinese on Friday night to celebrate her birthday. We cooked all day Saturday and then headed to the reunion that night. On Sunday, we drove up to Bird Lake Church and heard Bro. Maloyed preach a great message. The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting the old family farm and attending a 50th anniversary celebration for one of my mom's cousins. Needless to say, the meaningful memory making just about wore me out!!!:)
I have to say, connecting with your heritage is so important. Like my mom said, "It gives you a sense of who you really are."

Making Memories...............

On our way to Ohio, we stopped in Indianapolis and took my mom's Aunt Ginny out for lunch. Aunt Ginny is my mom's last link to her real mom who died of cancer at thirty-three. I was able to get some video footage of them sharing memories together. It was a moment to cherish!
This is a special picture. Aunt Marie is the last surviving aunt on the Throne side. She's in her nineties and as sharp as a tack. (I hope I got a few of her family genes....)
Grandma's girl!
Mamaw and Zach

Let's just say, I'm not a pro at the water balloon toss.
My Mom attempting to win a prize in the bubble-blowing contest.
Ok kids, forget about the roast in the crock-pot and your growling tummies! Just SMILE!!!
We stopped by the old home place on our way home from church and let the kids wander through the barn. Grandma is showing them her grape vines.
Grandma Throne is the ultimate hostess. We love you, Mimi!
The gift shop/cafe here at the Gaither's headquarters is definitely worth your time . We had fun picking out a few treasures to bring home with us. The kids were really hoping for a glimpse of Bill, but all we saw was his bus! I guess next time we'll have to pay the fifty bucks if we want to see him in person!!!!!!
We stopped in Westfield, IN on our way home and my merciful sis-in-law fed us a delicious lunch. Thanks, Kandi!