Monday, March 15, 2010

Honduras 2010

We were very excited that God opened the door for Dave and Josh to join a medical team in Honduras for a week. It was truly a life changing trip for both of them. I'm really happy that they got to go, but I'm even happier that they are home in one piece! Here's a few pics of their week. Ben and Zach helped Dave pack the meds for the trip. He was able to take two suitcases full of antibiotics, vitamins, pain relievers, etc. There was concern that the customs agent in Honduras could confiscate it and make them pay a fee to get it back. Prayers were answered when they passed through without even a medicine suitcase being opened!
This is the view from the end of the runway at the mission station. Beautiful scenery!!!
Some of the team members with Daniel Melton, the resident missionary at San Luis.
Clinic day in San Juan. Over 700 patients were seen in four days by the medical team.
One of those special, heart-tugging moments.
.Josh taught them all to do "muscles"!
Your turn, Josh!!!
Josh thoroughly enjoyed his assignment for the week-----entertain the kids!
This dear lady roasted coffee beans over this primitive stove as a souvenir for Dave to bring home. She was instrumental in helping the EFM work get started in San Luis many years ago.