Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dinner with friends!

Our guest of honor last night was Dulina Dias. We celebrated his birthday a little early. Aren't those eyes absolutely adorable?
Dulina really took to Dave and wanted to be held most of the evening.
Our dear friends from Sri Lanka, Dharshaka, Prahtibha, and Baby Dulina. It was so much fun spoiling the "little man"!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hey! What's up?

I have heard the words "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer"-------where did those people live anyway? We are having the crazy part, that's for sure! The month of June kicked off with a visit from Dave's sister, Sarah Holden , and her two kids. We had a relaxing weekend interspersed with a little Starbucks and shopping. Sarah, thanks for coming!!!
After Sarah left, I hit the books pretty hard. I had three ethics classes to prepare for the teenage girls at youth camp. My theme this year was "What Every Girl Should Know". Each day I covered a different topic: herself, guys, and beauty. I was really uncertain about how it would all go over with the girls. Teenagers can be pretty harsh critics. I ended up with forty girls who were the most attentive and supportive girls I have ever taught. My prayer is that my girls would grow in confidence and grace. I want them to be proud of their purity and treasure their growing-up years.
Youth Camp 2008 is history! What an exihilarating and exhausting week. Victories were won at the altar and lives were changed! God is good.
On Monday, I took Josh and Ben, Lauren and Luke Truitt, Katie Snodgrass, and Bethany Davis to Saint Louis Mills mall. We decided to celebrate Josh's B-Day early since we had extra teenagers in town. They got to ice skate, play Lazer tag, ride NASCAR simulators, do some rock climbing, and eat a lot of good food! I had the privilege of embarassing them a few times and realizing that I am finally middle-aged. Really and truly, they are a terrific bunch of kids!
I know I have written a post of epic proportions. Please have mercy! Until next time, God bless.

Crazy Days of Summer!!??!!!

The Birthday Boy (in rare form)!!!!

Don't they look MEAN?

Mexican at Chevy's!
Tired but happy!!
Do I love Aunt Sarah because she's precious or because she keeps an endless supply of gum in her purse? Isn't she the best!!??

Who can tell what kind of party you will have when Cousin B.P. comes to town. Maybe even a new "do"! Sarah, Paul, and Jessica came for the weekend while Paul Sr. went up to Boundary waters for a fishing excursion. The kids had a great time swimming, riding go-karts, and goofing off. The mom's went shopping, of course!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Vacation of a Lifetime!

Let me pinch myself---am I really here?
(This picture was taken around 10:30p.m.)
The Sapphire Princess
Our cabin was on the right, second row of balconies. Get this----this ship uses 65,000 gallons of fuel a DAY!
The infamous Creek Street. This is located in the pretty little port city of Ketchikan. During the Gold Rush of 1898, this town was a booming metropolis. The day before we arrived, a mama bear and two cubs were roaming around on the airport tarmac. When the authorities tried to shoo them off, the cubs ran through the automatic doors of the terminal and jumped up on the conveyor belt in the baggage claim. The airport was temporarily closed until the situation could be resolved. Now please don't check this story out on because the tales from Alaska are a lot more fun if you don't know all the facts!!!!

This is our Filipino cabin steward, Tranquilino. He was such a personable guy and he worked so hard. He took care of nineteen cabins, all of which, he cleaned twice a day. Twelve hours a day, seven days a week, ten months out of the year. Wow!
Dave thought he had died and gone to Heaven---King Crab Legs!!!!
Our dear friends, Tim and June Robinson cruised with us.
This glacier is over 200 feet tall. I happened to catch it "calving". Huge chunks of the glacier break off randomly and fall into the ocean. It was so cool to actually catch this on camera.
Seventeen years and we've only just begun!