Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poxie Moxie!!!!!!

Caleb's back. OUCH!!!!!!
This quarrantine is starting to take its toll.
Mamaw, you wanted to see this. Ben's gonna hate this!!!!!!

Blackberry Cobbler!

I'm so tidy, my Mommy lets me bake without an apron!!!!!
The finished product!

What's New? More Pox!!!!!!

Hallelujah! My last child broke out with the pox this morning! Caleb and Ben broke out on Saturday and it seemed that Emily was going to skate through again. In direct answer to Andrea Truitt's prayers, Emmy got them today. The poor girls are going through "best buddy" withdrawals. When it's said and done, it will have been six weeks since they have played together.
Emmy and I had a little fun in the kitchen on Saturday. We made blackberry cobbler. I remember several years ago, before I had a daughter, it would drive me crazy to have little hands in every pot in the kitchen. It's amazing how my perspective has changed! Emily loves to be on the counter during every meal prep. I'm actually starting to enjoy her help. Yes, we have found reddish-blond hairs in the soup. (don't tell the men!)
I'm finally starting to get excited about Dave and I's big anniversary cruise to Alaska. We've been planning it for eight months and now it is only three weeks away. Passports are in, will has been notarized, Mamaw is scheduled to babysit, all thats left is the packing........
Here's Emmy's latest quip: Last night at dinner, Dave and I were discussing and agonizing over our recent bid for termite treatment for the house. I was stressing (as usual) and Emily looked at Dave and said, "Well, don't use any of my money!"

Friday, April 18, 2008

Help! I need you Geek Squad!

My post went crazy and I can't seem to fix it! It looks like one of those eye exam charts at the doctor's office. SO sorry!!!!!!

I've been tagged, tagged, and tagged!!!!!!

Ten Years Ago----We lived in Benton, MO. Dave was doing his clinical rotations. I had two little boys and was expecting a third. Life was a lot simpler back then. There was time for sewing, smocking, and playing. Josh was learning to read and Ben was jumping off dressers and breaking his bones. On second thought, maybe life really hasn't changed that much!

Five Things On My To Do List---- 1. Fold the PILE of clean clothes on the floor in my bedroom.
2. Finish up the week of school with my kids. 3. Do the dishes.............AGAIN! 4. Go out on a date with my hubby. 5. Say something to my kiddos besides: go take that test, finish dusting, stop making Emily cry, no more wrestling, you forgot to do Math, yes, you can play a computer game, Please go play a computer game!, Is it time for that date yet?

Snacks I Love---- 1.Anything to do with coffee (I mean anything!!!) 2. Moist and chewy brownies.(I have been known to eat them for breakfast.)

If I Had A Billion Dollars----I'd pay off Dave's student loans if it would go that far. Smile! I would most certainly find some orphanages and missionaries to support. I'd take my Mom, my sis, my Grandma Throne, and my sis-in-law, Brit, on a girl's vacation.

Three Bad Habits----1.Not putting the clean sheets back on my bed until it's almost bedtime. (This really bugs my dear husband).

2. Buying something because it's a good deal----not because I need it! (I have a closet full of the evidence of this very bad habit.)
3. Planning my supper menu an hour before it's time to eat. Warning! Can cause the cook to be very creative and the diners to be very puzzled!

Places I Have Lived----1.Milan, IL 2.Tulsa,OK 3.Shreveport, LA 4.Papua New Guinea 5. Rock Island,IL 6. Kirksville, MO 7.Benton, MO 8. Carbondale, IL 9. Cape Girardeau, MO 10. Jackson, MO

Jobs I Have Held----1.Waitress at a catfish restaurant, 2. Babysitter, 3.Clerk at a fabric store, 4. House cleaning service, 5. Full-time wife and mom.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Buddy, you'd better hang on to those britches!
The Happy Hunter!

My new wall stickers! It says "Home , where your story begins".

The POX!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it happened! The Chicken Pox finally caught up with the Boardman Bunch. Zach broke out yesterday. Unfortunately, he is the only one so far. This could mean weeks of staggered outbreaks. Help!!!! Obviously, our big plans of going to IHC this week as well as an overnight trip to Tennessee to see Dave's Memaw Brown have been cancelled. Oh well, such is life!
I had a wonderful trip to Louisiana a couple weeks ago. It was nice to be with my parents for the week. June Robinson kept me entertained with several shopping trips.(Or was I entertaining her?) It was so nice to be with my almost-sisters, Esther Pannebaker and Anna Dodd. I lived with them during my college days and made some memories that will never be forgotten. The boys sure enjoyed getting in on the "real school" atmosphere. Hopefully, they did well on their SAT's. Thank you Jenny for taking good care of them!
Saturday was Youth Day for turkey season. All the boys went this year. This was Caleb's first time. He told Ben that he was more excited about meeting Bill and Eddie(the old country guys that own the land) than actually shooting a turkey. Somehow, he ended up wearing Zach's camo pants-sz 12-and he couldn't take a step without them dropping to his knees. The other bummer was that he locked Dave's keys in the truck. I had to make a trip to the country to bail them out. They were a sorry-looking bunch of hunters. And, no, they did not get a turkey!