Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Sweet Valentine

Nineteen Valentine's Days together and we're still smiling......I love you Davey!!
Dave gave me the most beautiful arrangement of roses that I've ever had. Not bad for the hospital gift shop.......no kidding!!!
When we left for dinner, we instructed the kids to have the kitchen tidied up before Mamaw got there. I guess Miss Emily shooed the boys out and informed them that she could handle it. She did a great job and even put the leftovers in the fridge. Maybe I've been underestimating her capabilities. Here's the "harried housewife" in all her glory......including the makeshift apron.
Take note "FOF" crafters.........this apron project is quick and efficient!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Little "Branson" Therapy

Last week, Mamaw, Emily, and I headed to Branson for a little "retail therapy" while Dave and the boys went skiing. Holly and Kyri joined us for a couple days. It was a blast. I just wish Brittany could have joined us too. (We're hanging on for May, right, Brit?)
Enjoying the warm day and the fountain at Branson Landing. We stayed at a hotel right on the Landing. We could step out on our balcony and look down on the shops. It was absolutely wonderful!!!!
I love this picture of the girls riding Kyri's horse together. It was the first time that Emily was old enough to enjoy it.
We took the girls to the Build-a-Bear Workshop down at the Landing. Here's Kyri with Misty.
The selection process----trust me, my daughter is much more decisive than her mother!
Emmy and Kyri with their finished products. I was amazed at how much the girls enjoyed the whole Build-a-Bear experience. They loved it!
Here we are getting ready to say good-bye to Holly and Kyri. We made some great memories, ate a lot of delicious food, went to a good music show, and did our best to stimulate the economy of Branson.