Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emmy's new pics!

Josh's Monster Buck!

Check out that rack!!!!!
Gotcha!! It's really just a three-pointer! Josh found the beautiful skull and horns in some brush while he was out tracking that Monster Buck. Needless to say, I'm glad my boys had some success in the woods this year. If only good old Dad could have been as fortunate.
The great hunter in a moment of hilarity. Believe me, this is rare!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Efficient ???? or just plain "ole" LAZY!!!!!

My dear son, Caleb, wanted to bring a pile of toys to the living room tonight so that he could play in front of the fireplace. Normally, I wouldn't care but we were having company this evening. I acquiesced under one condition, everything had to be cleaned up when he was done. (He's not well known for his work ethic, I must admit.) He promised me he could handle the job in one you can see he nearly made it. I couldn't resist grabbing the camera!!!!
It's always important to take advantage of every available option.......
This cleaning stuff has really messed him up!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Here's your smile for the day.........

Here's a funny video from last year's blogs. The guys were target practicing and Zach tried to shoot Dave's old 12 guage. It sure provided a lot of redneck entertainment for the rest of the gang. Hope you enjoy!!!!

A Slice of our Life!!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, my kids disappeared into the woods for hours. Here's what they were doing. Ben built Emmy a really awesome fort. They are two of a kind when it comes to the great outdoors.
My little "Amazon" woman!
Here is Alex Truitt babysitting himself while his parents and the Boardmans solve the world's problems.
Is this fun or what?

Holly and I took Josh, Shallen and Lauren Truitt to Youth Challenge last month. After we dropped them off, we headed to Cinci to hang out with the sister-in-laws for a couple days. Sarah, so graciously opened her home to us and we had a blast! This picture just cracks me up! Holly told us to snuggle up for the picture and some of them took her seriously!!!!
The sis-in-laws after their shopping and feeding frenzy. Don't we look rejuvenated? ( Sorry for the candid shot of Sarah's dog, Lucy. Didn't see it until after I loaded the pic.)
The proud hunters!
This is a special moment for Ben. He and Zach are dedicated sportsmen and it was so exciting for him to shoot an eight-point buck for his first deer!