Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Boardman Follies

Well leave it to Ben to keep our household interesting. He decided to make his own variation of a Dagwood sandwich. After pleading for permission to try out his culinary creativity, I conceded. The conditions being that whatever he created, he had to eat. Here's a list of ingredients: bread, mayo, mustard, grape jam, bologna, cheese, corn flakes, saltines, pretzels, ranch dressing, and topped off with a little salsa. He managed about four bites and the dogs handled the rest. It was quite the entertaining lunch hour, let me tell you! I'm trying to learn the great parenting lesson that it's not just trying to get to the destination, it's all about enjoying the ride. Now I need to go and clean up the kitchen!!!!


Melissa said...

If we stop by and see you please don't let Ben do any cooking for us. I would like to make it all the way to LA. Thanks for your message about our anniversary, we are working on it. :)

rusty said...

Girl, you are so funny! Tell Ben that he had better stick to taking care of animals. I think I would rather not eat his concoctions.

Brittany said...

Before we come for Thanksgiving, I must know - is Ben making any dishes to contribute to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Jennifer Truitt said...

Hey Heidi,
This sandwich looks very scary!! Maybe Ben has stumbles across a new weight loss program for us!!:)

Lisa Boardman said...

Hey Heidi it was good to chat with ya this evening! We look forward in seeing you all soon-just tell Ben to leave the cooking to us! :o)

Your blog looks really good-happy posting!


rusty said...

This blog is getting very boring. You would think that this wonder woman would be able to keep us up to date with what is going on at her house. After all, she has nothing to do in her spare time. Come on Heidi, get a life!

Love you lots,