Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My year so far!

Wow! What a crazy three weeks! On January 9, my Daddy had open heart surgery. I left Josh at home with Dave and took a flying trip to Louisiana for five days. It was quite a traumatic thing seeing my Dad in ICU. He is home and doing very well. Mom told me yesterday that he walked a 1/2 mile. Thank the Lord!
I came home on a Monday and helped with Jennifer Truitt's baby shower on Tuesday. Emily was thrilled to be able to attend this "big girl" function. No peas up the nose this time! Thank goodness!
On Wednesday, we entertained Bro. Will Byler from Lebanon, PA. He is the president of an organization called Mission Helps. They assist missionaries in several ways; construction crews, deputation vehicles, laptop computers, a prayer ministry, lodging, and healthcare. He came to discuss the possibility of Dave joining the group as a medical consultant or caregiver. Dave is really excited about it!
School is back in full swing. Josh is leaving me in the fog in his Algebra. In fact, I'm going to let our friend, Dharshaka (Sri Lankan) tutor him from now on.
I found out today from Pastor Truitt, that I am the teacher for the teenage girls again at youth camp. If any of you have some favorite resources or websites, please share them with me. This is my third year and I would like some fresh material.
Until next time,


rusty said...

Thanks for the update. Emily and Andrea look so cute together. Hope you are finally having a quieter month. I don't know where it went to. BTW the coffee is great!!!

Melissa said...

I am so glad everything seems to be going good for your Dad. That was a little scary. It looks like the girls had a good time at the baby shower. They are so cute!

Lisa said...

Hello Heidi. It has been a crazy year so far for ya. Maybe this means it will be slower pace-starting out with a bang like that! I thought your dad looked very good. Good for him walking- the Docs are a bit hard on you at first. This is for the betterment of him recovering.

Hope you get some excellent material to teach to the teenage girls. I've been trying to find some new stuff myself, but it's geared toward the much younger. If I run across something I feel could work I will surely share it with ya! I know whatever you find you'll turn it into magic and bless those young girls!!! Your very gifted in this department...

Love ya,

Candles said...

Peas up the nose? Nevermind..I'm too scared to ask! Haha Hope everything slows down for ya!