Thursday, February 28, 2008

February Fun!

This month is gone already! In some ways it has been a month filled with blah winter days; however, when I remember all the special times we have had together over the last few weeks.........I am blessed!
Our little buddy, Andrea, is in the hospital for a few days so we get to have the Truitt kids at our house. My kids love it! (So do I!). Right now, Debbie(Nana)Mahan, has taken them back to their house to get their schoolwork done for the day. The kids all play really well together and it's almost easier having nine than five! Mealtimes, I will admit, get pretty interesting.
Last night, I took Emily, Caleb, Travis, and Lauren to see Go Diego, Go Live. Let's just say, I felt like I was in a Preschool pep rally. Two thousand toddlers yelling and clapping. You get the idea! Emily loved it! Caleb and Travis endured it! Lauren was my willing source of adult accompaniment. Actually, this was supposed to be Andrea's birthday present from Emily. We were sad that Jenn and she had to be in St. Louis last night.
Well, I had better go and do lesson plans for the next few days.
Love to all!


The Holdens said...

Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun....

Rusty said...

You go Diego. That must of been enough to drive any one insane. Thanks for the update, sure looks better.

David said...

Hi Heidi, What's "Go Deigo"? Don't forget, "Mamaws don't know much! I just enjoyed all the pics. The one of you and Emily is good and you look so young! The skiing looks like fun. What a memory the kids will have! I'll talk to you soon.