Monday, March 10, 2008

Where is Spring?

It's a beautiful day in Jackson today! Come on out, groundhogs, Easter bunnies, and daffodils. Old Man winter is being banished from these parts, and sent to hang out with you northern bloggers!
We are starting revival tomorrow with Dan Durkee. I am looking forward to a spiritual renewal. I guess I need spring in more ways than one.
We had the privilege of entertaining Steve Sturdevant a couple weeks ago. He is involved with Arms Around the World missions organization. His presentation was so challenging. It was great to renew our acquaintance. He and his first wife were missionaries to Papua New Guinea at the same time that my folks were there. I was just a kid back then!
Updates on the kids:
Josh----went to the hospital with Dave last night for a late-night admission (I guess he is continuing to test his interest level in a medical career.)
Ben----has grown out of three pant sizes in about nine months. He really wants to be taller than Josh.
Zach----is determined to shoot the resident squirrel in the treeline behind the house. I guess he has hit it several times to no avail. Zach said it is moving a lot slower. It's probably filling up with BB's. Now, you animal rights activists, no
unkind judgments of my parenting skills!
Caleb----has a new favorite word--ambitious! As in, "There was a log bridge over our ambitious creek." Or, the reason he disobeyed me and went ahead and played the computer was because he was a little too "ambitious"!
Emily----is feeling very saintly lately. She told Ben that the reason she couldn't turn her bedroom light off for the night was because she "needed to have her devotions and hear what the God said".
Never ever a dull moment around the Boardman Ranch!

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