Monday, June 2, 2008

Vacation of a Lifetime!

Let me pinch myself---am I really here?
(This picture was taken around 10:30p.m.)
The Sapphire Princess
Our cabin was on the right, second row of balconies. Get this----this ship uses 65,000 gallons of fuel a DAY!
The infamous Creek Street. This is located in the pretty little port city of Ketchikan. During the Gold Rush of 1898, this town was a booming metropolis. The day before we arrived, a mama bear and two cubs were roaming around on the airport tarmac. When the authorities tried to shoo them off, the cubs ran through the automatic doors of the terminal and jumped up on the conveyor belt in the baggage claim. The airport was temporarily closed until the situation could be resolved. Now please don't check this story out on because the tales from Alaska are a lot more fun if you don't know all the facts!!!!

This is our Filipino cabin steward, Tranquilino. He was such a personable guy and he worked so hard. He took care of nineteen cabins, all of which, he cleaned twice a day. Twelve hours a day, seven days a week, ten months out of the year. Wow!
Dave thought he had died and gone to Heaven---King Crab Legs!!!!
Our dear friends, Tim and June Robinson cruised with us.
This glacier is over 200 feet tall. I happened to catch it "calving". Huge chunks of the glacier break off randomly and fall into the ocean. It was so cool to actually catch this on camera.
Seventeen years and we've only just begun!


Brittany said...

Beautiful Pictures! Glad you guys had a great time - thanks for sharing.

Tamra said...

Gorgeous photos! Glad you had a good time.

Lisa said...

Hey Heidi! Something must have happened with my comment I left ya yesterday...sorry-I'll try again.
I really liked the pics. I'm sure it was breath-taking. Glad you all had this opportunity to! You have a NICE mom to have helped you out and make this cruise happen. I especially like the last pic of you guys...looks so romantic, if you don't mind me saying so!!! :)

Lots of love-Lisa

Woodard Family said...

What an exciting trip. So glad you guys got to take it. Brent and I will be celebrating 16 years in July. Can't believe we've been married that long.

Michelle said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. Glad June & Tim could go along with ya'll...Heath and I celebrated 17 years this year as well. Unfortunately we just took a weekend trip.....maybe someday

Jennifer said...

Wow! It looks like you guys really had a great time. I really enjoyed the pics. The last shot was really NEAT---good expressions and beautiful scenery.

Becky said...

How exciting! I've read about those places and can imagine how great it would be to go there. Congratulations on 17 years!!

Melissa said...
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Esther said...


Glad you had a great trip! Thanks for sharing your life with us. 17 years have flown by--seems like we were just girls not long ago and then your wedding and now 5 kids later and some gray hair has given us------a lot of wisdom!!!! :)

You look beautiful Heidi!

David said...

Well Heidi, I'm a little late with this comment but I keep coming back to these pictures and enjoying their beauty. {the scenery and the people} Does it seem like a dream now? Soooo glad you got to go! Thanks for entrusting your most precious treasures to your old mom.

Ronda said...

Your dear sister-in-law, Sarah, told me that I should visit your blog so here I am "peeking in"!(I just saw her at church camp!)You have a nice family! Beautiful pictures of your cruise vacation! How exciting for you all...looks like you had a fabulous time! My husband and I have been married for 17 years also and I home school my 3 kids, so we have a few things in common!It was nice to meet you on-line!(smile)