Friday, October 10, 2008

Girl Scouts!

We have embarked on a new adventure! Girl Scouts!!! Emily and Andrea joined the Daisies yesterday. This Troop is made up of girls from the home school group. I am going to help with the meetings. I think it will something fun that Emmy and I can do together!
"I sure wish Mom would let me try this at home."
Yeah! We get to do messy stuff!
Princess Andrea!
Love those eyes!!!!

Emmy loved the guinea pig that someone brought for show and tell.


David said...

Thanks for the pictures of scouts. Isn't fun what these kids get to do? You're and SUPER Mom!

Jennifer Truitt said...

Awesome pics Heidi! Girls scouts was more a lot of fun...even for me!:) I'm sure we'll have lots of great memories to add with our new adventure!

Amanda said...

Heidi- do you have a better picture of those bags finished. My sister is co-leader for a daisies group and loves the idea! Thank you. -