Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve found us crammed into the family Suburban chugging our way north. The entire Boardman Clan, as well as, Shelby and Mary Boardman, and Myron and Betty Brown, converged on Steve and Lu this year. Build a new house....... we'll break it in for you! We made some very priceless memories in the next few days. By-the-way, I highly recommend the Boardman Resort in Milan, Il. for all your entertainment needs! (Don't you love me, Luann?)

Precious Grammy and Caleb, the official hugger of the family!
Our boys have turned into men.
The youngest cousins enjoying Steve and Lu's indoor pool.
Aunt Sarah, a.k.a. Mrs.Claus, and all her happy recipients!
The gang waiting, not so patiently, for the gift exchange.
Dave and Emmy had so much fun sliding around on Uncle Steve's frozen pond. I wasn't around when Dave had the four-wheeler out on the ice, but I heard about it! Scary!!!
Kandi, Sarah, and Aunt Betty creating a dinner "masterpiece".


June Robinson said...

Is Luann taking reservation? Looks like you all had a grand time. I am so glad you all could be together. Thanks for the update. BTW I love the new pic at the top of your blog, good photo work~~!

Ronda said...

Looks like fun and what a beautiful house to celebrate in!
I, too, like the picture of you and your hubby...very nice! :)

Holly said...

Hey sis, welcome back, I've missed your posts and pics. You look beautiful in that picture up top. Seriously... I'm not making it up:)
Love ya, H.

Lisa said...

Love your new template Heidi...it was fun being with ya!

Love ya, Lisa