Saturday, March 14, 2009

FFO (Finally Finished Object)---The new alternative for us latecomers!

Here they are! Finally finished objects! aka---new hairbows for the little girl who actually goes through the day without getting her hair combed.(sometimes....) Holly, please no retribution for my past history of, "I'll never do that when I have a little girl".
Even Miss Em got in on the fun! I had to help her a little with the sewing, but most of the innovations were her idea. Maybe I can teach her to smock soon so that she can finish all those dresses I started for her. Please tell me where moms go to lay down the guilt!!!! Smile!


Holly said...

Hey, NO comment, sis:)

Charity said...

I love the bows! Maybe FOF should be renamed FFO!! I like it! I think that is what a lot of my projects end up being, unless I have a deadline - like a wedding. :)

penny said...

At least you don't have 2 girls who will gladly go all day without having their hair combed! :)