Monday, December 10, 2007

Church Christmas Dinner

We had our annual church dinner last Saturday night. It is always a night filled with delicious food, fellowship, hilarious skits, and presenting a nice gift to our Pastor's family. Emily was really excited because Andrea was well enough to attend. They bounced around together all evening! The highlight of the night was seeing the Truitt kid's faces when Josh drove in on their new Kawasaki 90 four-wheeler. They were literally speechless! Usually, their gift from the church is a $25 Target gift card. It was a dream-come-true for them!
We're on the countdown for Christmas around here. The closets are bulging with unwrapped gifts and the kids are under close surveillance. Our Christmas Pageant is this weekend. I'm sure many of you can feel the stress just by reading these words. Smile!!! Do you remember what happened to me last year at Pageant time? Yep! I got lice from some of my precious Sunday School kids. I'm trying to be more careful this year!
Have a blessed day!

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rusty said...

Do the Herdman kids still attend? Maybe you will be lucky this time and not get lice. Sorry, that must have been the worst thing in life. I am through with my shopping. Now I am doing some alterations for Marci's girls.