Thursday, August 7, 2008

Family Reunion

Last weekend, my mom and I took the three youngest kids and headed for northern Ohio. We hadn't been to the Throne reunion in six years. We ended up packing so many events into four days, that I felt a little numb by the time I got home. Grandma Throne's house was nice and roomy. The kids monopolized the hot tub, which was a good thing. (Great babysitter!) We took my Mom out for Chinese on Friday night to celebrate her birthday. We cooked all day Saturday and then headed to the reunion that night. On Sunday, we drove up to Bird Lake Church and heard Bro. Maloyed preach a great message. The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting the old family farm and attending a 50th anniversary celebration for one of my mom's cousins. Needless to say, the meaningful memory making just about wore me out!!!:)
I have to say, connecting with your heritage is so important. Like my mom said, "It gives you a sense of who you really are."

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Jennifer Truitt said...

Great pictures Heidi and good job on the new look of your blog!! Way to go for getting it done!! Glad you had fun at the reunion!