Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Goodbye to dear Memaw Brown

We said goodbye to our Memaw Brown last week. She has been a shining example to all of us. I have wonderful memories as a new bride being entertained at her house. She welcomed me into the family with open arms. Her delicious blueberry muffins, homeade rolls, cheesy potato casserole, and chicken and dumplings are just a few of the recipes that sealed her to my heart as a precious lady and an outstanding cook. It was our privilege to spend some time with her on our way to Gatlinburg a couple weeks ago. She was so frail and sick that day. Emily just hovered over her so much that I was afraid it would make Memaw nervous. She seemed to enjoy the "dedicated" care. I had tried to prep the kids before we got there. I told them that this was probably Dave's last time to see Memaw and they needed to be sensitive to their Dad's feelings. Our visit was going fine until Emily announced to Memaw , "You know this is the last time I'll see you before you die." Luckily, Memaw couldn't understand her.
We bade her a tearful goodbye and determined in our hearts that we are going to follow her example. Memaw, we will meet you in the morning!
Dave's sister, Sarah Holden and her family
This picture represents to me the journey of life. Our days are but a vapor and the only thing we can leave behind when we go is the memory of well-maintained relationships. Memaw left her family and friends the security of her love.

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David said...

Hi Heidi, I'm going back through your blog just to look/see. These pictures of Memaw stir my heart. Just think, she was once a young beautiful Mother like you. She was probably so busy just like you. She carried a prayer burden for her children just like you. She looks so fading and fragile. Now she's no longer accessible to you all; but I'm sure her prayers are still affecting your lives. A life lived for God is so beautiful and I can see that transpiring in your life. I believe your precious family will think these thoughts about you someday. Keep the Faith! I Love You, Mama