Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September Birthdays

Caleb, you're looking great at seven!
Ok, don't judge me. I know you're thinking "a BB gun at seven?" I'm just following an old Boardman tradition that was started by their Dad on his seventh b-day.
Gotta love those breadsticks!
Happy 5th birthday, Princess Emily

Oh, where did my baby go?
We are WIDE awake, Mom!
Emily and Caleb both had birthdays this month. We didn't have very big parties with everything that has happened this month. They really didn't seem to mind. At this age, all they care about is having their best friend over for a sleepover and opening their gifts. Caleb wanted to eat at Olive Garden for his birthday meal. (He informed us that he likes Olive Garden so much that he is going there for his honeymoon!) Dave took him dove hunting on his birthday. It was a very special day for him.
Emily's birthday was the day that we traveled home from Gatlinburg. However, on Sunday, we did have Andrea over for cake and a sleepover in Emmy's new tent. Those two are so cute together! I think they were awake till midnight coloring. I just wish I could have captured all their "deep" conversations. One of which included "whether or not ist was ok to get married at fourteen". Eeks!!!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to the kiddo's. Looks like they had great birthday's. Olive Garden for a Honeymoon and getting married at fourteen, your kids think of some crazy things.

David said...

That was fun...almost like being at their parties. {well, not quite!} That's a keeper of Em and Memaw.

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Caleb and Emily! Aunt Brittany and Uncle David loves you!!