Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's New? More Pox!!!!!!

Hallelujah! My last child broke out with the pox this morning! Caleb and Ben broke out on Saturday and it seemed that Emily was going to skate through again. In direct answer to Andrea Truitt's prayers, Emmy got them today. The poor girls are going through "best buddy" withdrawals. When it's said and done, it will have been six weeks since they have played together.
Emmy and I had a little fun in the kitchen on Saturday. We made blackberry cobbler. I remember several years ago, before I had a daughter, it would drive me crazy to have little hands in every pot in the kitchen. It's amazing how my perspective has changed! Emily loves to be on the counter during every meal prep. I'm actually starting to enjoy her help. Yes, we have found reddish-blond hairs in the soup. (don't tell the men!)
I'm finally starting to get excited about Dave and I's big anniversary cruise to Alaska. We've been planning it for eight months and now it is only three weeks away. Passports are in, will has been notarized, Mamaw is scheduled to babysit, all thats left is the packing........
Here's Emmy's latest quip: Last night at dinner, Dave and I were discussing and agonizing over our recent bid for termite treatment for the house. I was stressing (as usual) and Emily looked at Dave and said, "Well, don't use any of my money!"


David said...

Thanks,Heidi,for the pictorial update. Tell Ben not to worry...it's only us old gals on
these blogs. I Think!
Sure hope Emily has a light case of the pox.

Rusty said...

You got to love her! Don't use any of our cruise money either!! We need all we can get. I am glad that she is finally with the pox, but I am sorry that she is sick.
Can't wait til the 23rd of May.