Friday, April 18, 2008

I've been tagged, tagged, and tagged!!!!!!

Ten Years Ago----We lived in Benton, MO. Dave was doing his clinical rotations. I had two little boys and was expecting a third. Life was a lot simpler back then. There was time for sewing, smocking, and playing. Josh was learning to read and Ben was jumping off dressers and breaking his bones. On second thought, maybe life really hasn't changed that much!

Five Things On My To Do List---- 1. Fold the PILE of clean clothes on the floor in my bedroom.
2. Finish up the week of school with my kids. 3. Do the dishes.............AGAIN! 4. Go out on a date with my hubby. 5. Say something to my kiddos besides: go take that test, finish dusting, stop making Emily cry, no more wrestling, you forgot to do Math, yes, you can play a computer game, Please go play a computer game!, Is it time for that date yet?

Snacks I Love---- 1.Anything to do with coffee (I mean anything!!!) 2. Moist and chewy brownies.(I have been known to eat them for breakfast.)

If I Had A Billion Dollars----I'd pay off Dave's student loans if it would go that far. Smile! I would most certainly find some orphanages and missionaries to support. I'd take my Mom, my sis, my Grandma Throne, and my sis-in-law, Brit, on a girl's vacation.

Three Bad Habits----1.Not putting the clean sheets back on my bed until it's almost bedtime. (This really bugs my dear husband).

2. Buying something because it's a good deal----not because I need it! (I have a closet full of the evidence of this very bad habit.)
3. Planning my supper menu an hour before it's time to eat. Warning! Can cause the cook to be very creative and the diners to be very puzzled!

Places I Have Lived----1.Milan, IL 2.Tulsa,OK 3.Shreveport, LA 4.Papua New Guinea 5. Rock Island,IL 6. Kirksville, MO 7.Benton, MO 8. Carbondale, IL 9. Cape Girardeau, MO 10. Jackson, MO

Jobs I Have Held----1.Waitress at a catfish restaurant, 2. Babysitter, 3.Clerk at a fabric store, 4. House cleaning service, 5. Full-time wife and mom.

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Tamra said...

Tell your hubby you wait until bedtime to put the sheets on because you enjoy having him help you! That's what happens at our house on occasion. Although I've never told Shane I enjoy him helping. I just might have an absent husband the next time he finds our bed sheetless! LOL!!!