Friday, April 18, 2008

Help! I need you Geek Squad!

My post went crazy and I can't seem to fix it! It looks like one of those eye exam charts at the doctor's office. SO sorry!!!!!!


David said...

Well, I took the challenge, Heidi,and could read most of it. Yes, hurry up and become a billionaire I am ready to tramp through Europe. I can hear Grandma already, "Oh, isn't it just beautiful, beautiful!!!

Amanda said...

Just a shot, but try to highlight it all and click on the font button and have it all in normal font. Like I said, just a shot. If this don't work... ?? :)

Lisa said...

Hey Heidi we missed you all at Sarah's house for IHC! Hope the pox makes it's rounds quick for your sake.
I WAS able to make out your words on the "I'm Tagged" game. Thanks for playing, I enjoyed gettin' to know you even better!!!
Hope you get your comp. fixed.


A said...

Dear Mrs. Boardman-

Open Word and your blog admin; highlight "Tagged" entry, right click and "copy/cut". Paste into Word, adjust size. Highlight again, right click and "copy/cut"; paste into blog admin form. Re-post or save or whatever you do when you edit a post!


I hope this works,

Trisha said...

Had fun reading all your comments. When I use bigger fonts I have trouble with my letters doing that, too. Good luck with it. Trisha